Misha Gavrilovich: Publications, Preprints and other Expositions.

Other preprints

Papers and preprints with abstracts

  • Point set topology as diagram chasing computations. Lifting properties as instances of negation. same in djvu, as published in De Morgan Gazette. 8p. An updated version, 14pp.
  • Point-set topology as diagram chasing computations. same in djvu, 21 page. A draft of a research proposal.
  • A decidable equational fragment of category theory without automorphisms. 6 pages, joint with Alexandre Luzgarev and Vladimir Sosnilo. A preliminary draft (a beta-version; read at your own risk!)

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    Preprints on the homotopy theory of set theory

    Drafts, out-of-date

  • Exercises de style: A homotopy theory for set theory. Part B. , same in djvu, notes by Misha Gavrilovich on joint with Assaf Hasson, 20 pages, an unfinished write-up briefly sketching the main construction and its set theoretic application.

  • A homotopy approach to set theory, same in djvu, 15 pages, a brief annnouncement of current results, open questions and motivations
  • A construction of a model category, same in djvu, 42 pages, an unfinished write-up of the proofs, motivations and basic ideas containing full proofs. The style is intentionally unorthodox, and the author would appreciate comments whether readers find the exposition conductive to mathematical reasoning.